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Home Sweet Home Campaign
Vermont Adaptive’s Three-Phase Permanent Homes Campaign & an Endowment for the Future



Phase II – New Permanent Home in Central Vermont, Sugarbush Resort, Warren/Waitsfield


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The leadership at Vermont Adaptive is set to embark on building and completing our second and third permanent homes in Vermont as well as to establish a healthy endowment to sustain our future.

Through an annual operating budget of approximately $1 million, our successes derive from passionate partnerships with our host mountains, the State of Vermont and local and state organizations, leveraging special events and fundraisers, through the diversity of our volunteers, corporate, private and federal grants, and donors like you.

A unified campaign of $4 million will secure the needs for building two more permanent homes as well as establish an endowment for the long-term sustainability and continued impact of Vermont Adaptive’s programs. We estimate approximately $2 million is necessary for developing these two permanent homes — one on the Burlington Waterfront and one at Sugarbush Resort. The equivalent will go to build an endowment to support ongoing programs and operations and building upkeep into the next three decades. This will provide for a reliable funding source to sustain our innovative programs for generations to come.


Phase I – The Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge at Pico Mountain, Killington


Phase II – Opening Winter 2021-2022 New Adaptive Sports Facility at Sugarbush Resort’s Mt. Ellen

Phase III – New Permanent Home on the Waterfront and Bike Path of Lake Champlain, Burlington


Endowment Fund – Our most important goal is to have a lasting and long-term impact on the people we serve, so that sports, recreation and wellness become a daily habit in the lives of people with disabilities. {JOIN THE LEGACY CIRCLE TODAY}



Vermont Adaptive is a statewide organization with multiple recreational and sporting locations throughout Vermont. Winter program locations are rooted at Pico Mountain, Sugarbush Resort, and Bolton Valley with satellite and request-based skiing and snowboarding at other mountains. Summer programs are offered across the state — on waterways, bike paths, through the woods, and up and over mountains.

Need for Autonomous Space – As we continue to grow and serve more people, our “borrowed” space puts limits on the types of programs we offer and the number of people we can serve. Partners including the Community Sailing Center in Burlington and Sugarbush Resort have been generous in extending free space for us to have a home base yet our vision is greater.

Autonomous facilities will allow Vermont Adaptive to expand the scope and scale of our operations to fulfill the growing demand for our programs statewide. With greater spaces comes greater capacity and greater autonomy to o er more experiences within our current programs and for what we dream of next. Our permanent homes will be year-round spaces that will bring immediate program expansion as well as centralized equipment storage and repair space. Our board and staff are highly mindful of how space will be utilized and understand the opportunities these spaces bring to local communities and partners.

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