Bringing Together Sports & the Environment

We provide participants with experiential learning in the outdoors with our EcoAble Adventure programs ranging from adapted front-country sports to back-country hiking and camping. Adventure experiences are customized for each participant or group, including individuals, school groups, families, organizations, or community groups. Single and multi-day programs incorporate interactive activities to teach Leave No Trace ethics, water conservation, plant and animal identification, nutrition, and environmental protection techniques.


Creating a Unique Opportunity to Succeed

Recreating and learning outdoors (and outside of a classroom) is a fun way to encourage personal growth while becoming a steward of the environment EcoAble’s educational experience aims to:

  • Foster leadership skills
  • Promote self confidence
  • Demonstrate your role as a valuable team member


Programs are offered in all seasons statewide and are open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Participants gain knowledge and skillsets that are transferable to several areas of their lives.

To learn more about EcoAble Adventures and create your unique experience, please contact the Vermont Adaptive staff at 802.786.4991.

EcoAble is made possible by the generosity of

Bowse Health Trust

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