Return to Play

Plans for Winter 2020-2021


Please note: In addition to the information below, we have a mask requirement this winter. Vermont Adaptive Mask Requirement as of 11/10/2020 – When at Vermont Adaptive programs and locations, a mask or fabric face covering of two or more layers, and specifically designed to prevent the spread of infection, is required to be worn at all times indoors and when outside when within 10 feet of each other. A neck warmer or neck tube must meet this standard otherwise it does not qualify as a mask or face covering. This requirement has been developed based on CDC and state guidelines.


Latest Update: Dec. 28, 2020


Phase 3 Program Update 

We are excited to announce that based on the Vermont Governor’s relaxing of some restrictions and in consultation with officials from the State of Vermont, we are able to enter Phase 3 of our Return to Play plan for Winter 2020-2021.

What this means:

  • Lessons can include 2 or more instructors with an athlete and required companions/assists from the same household.
  • Physical distancing of 10 feet or more, along with other PPE and precautions, must be maintained between instructor and athlete/companions.
  • Athletes and instructors may not ride lifts together at this time. Only households may ride lifts together.
  • No more than 6 people total may be on any lesson.
  • Athlete/participant must meet all of the Phase 2-3 Essential Eligibility Criteria as well. Those EEC can be found HERE.

Please note:

  • If you will need assistance on a lesson, companions from the same household must be able, willing and approved to do ALL close contact work including fitting equipment and clothing, riding lifts, tethering, equipment assistance, any other physical assistance and assistance after a fall.
  • Close contact (between households within 10 feet) skiing/riding is prohibited. This includes bamboo, ski pole assists, horse and buggy, tethering, assistance after falls, and all other close contact assistance adaptations.


Read the Entire Phase 2-3 Requirements HERE.


The safety and health of EVERYONE is our first priority. We don’t want to keep people from skiing, snowboarding and enjoying adventures on the mountains, but we have to play safe.

Anyone, including participants, staff, interns, family, caregivers, friends, and volunteers, who have high-risk considerations because of underlying health issues or their age should consider not participating in Vermont Adaptive programs.  Choosing to participate is solely at the risk of the individual and not Vermont Adaptive.  If in doubt, we encourage you to stay home and stay safe.


What You Need to Know:

You will need to meet all Vermont State travel guidelines as well as our Phases of Essential Eligibility Requirements in order to participate in our programs this winter. These EECs will change depending on which Phase of programming we are able to offer. Currently, we are in Phase 3.

Vermont State Travel Guidelines/Restrictions – You must meet these requirements in order to participate. Learn more here.

***Please Note: Effective 2/23/2021, anyone who has received BOTH doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and has been inoculated for MORE THAN TWO WEEKS, is exempt from the Vermont State travel restrictions and quarantine rules-  essentially, if you are fully vaccinated (plus two weeks), you do not have to quarantine before or after traveling to or from Vermont, and you do not need to quarantine after exposure to someone potentially positive. 

ALL OTHER PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS REMAIN IN EFFECT. Anyone exhibiting symptoms, regardless of immunization status, is excluded from programs and must go home, quarantine, and should be re-tested.  Anyone using the vaccination/travel exemption MUST have a Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Card ON THEIR PERSON and be prepared to show it.

Phase 3 Ski & Ride Essential Eligibility Criteriaread here

Phase 3 Off-Site Programs Essential Eligibility Criteriaread here

All programming guidelines and modifications are subject to change at any time. We will only offer programs when it is safe to do so.

Reservations are required and spots are limited.
Please keep in mind that your reservation could change or be cancelled at any time.




*Please note: If you are choosing to participate or returning to our programs after a positive test or other COVID-suspected illness, an athlete, companion/family/care-giver, volunteer, intern, or staff must show proof of:

  • 10 Days since positive test results or first symptoms (whichever is later) and
  • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving* and
  • Negative Test Result at 10 or more days and
  • A note from Healthcare provider clearing for no-longer isolating and returning to physical activity.

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