Year-Round Adaptive Sports Facility at Sugarbush Resort

Photo taken at Mt. Ellen at Sugarbush Aug. 22, 2021.


Vermont Adaptive’s New Adaptive Sports Facility at Sugarbush’s Mt. Ellen


We know it has been a long three years since we kicked off and announced this project, with many twists and turns including a global pandemic, which none of us could have foreseen. This year has had its own set of challenges. There are major supply chain issues and materials are more expensive. With that said, we are so grateful to have Naylor and Breen on the project doing everything they can to keep things on schedule and as close to budget as possible. As for YOU, we are so grateful for your patience and understanding as we took our time in making this dream facility a reality. So many Vermont Adaptive supporters have invested their time, passion and energy in seeing this building to completion.

Will you join us and be one of those supporters in this community? Help us raise the last $400,000 for this project and get us across the finish line – we can’t wait to celebrate with you this winter!



We are bursting at the seams in our existing 400 sq. ft. space in the base lodge. This new 4,000 sq. ft. adaptive sports facility will improve the quality and experience of our programs and events for all of our participants, families, volunteers, staff, guests, and community in the Greater Mad River Valley. Vermont Adaptive’s Second Flagship, a four-season adaptive sports facility in Vermont, will allow us to serve more people, more often, and in more places in Central Vermont. A New Home for Every BODY at Sugarbush’s Mt. Ellen. Room to Breathe. More Adventures. Serving More Athletes Year-Round.

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*Note: Renderings are not exact.

Main Level – The main level of the new facility will include 1,800 sq. ft. dedicated to our athletes, volunteers and staff. The program area serves as the gateway to checking in and prepping for the slopes, and includes accessible restrooms, space for working on and maintaining year-round equipment, participant cubbies, space for equipment storage and more. Summer camps, wellness programs and retreats, social events, training seminars and classwork will be offered through- out the year. This main level will have plenty of “room to breathe” for everyone to enjoy their entire recreational experience—whether in winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Upper Level – The upper level of the facility will include approximately 1,300 sq. ft. for volunteers to prepare and organize for their lessons, discuss client needs among teaching teams and prepare for the day’s schedule. Quiet space will be used for yoga classes and retreats, wellness programs and other indoor learning opportunities. Service animals will have a special place to relax or play while their “people” are out recreating. A quiet sensory room will offer a break from over-stimulation for those who need it. A lending library will be available with year-round teaching and training materials, teaching aids, and health and wellness resources specific to the medical needs of a variety of disabilities.  More storage is available on the upper level.

Lower Level – The lower level will include more space for equipment storage, locker-type storage and room for the mechanical equipment needed for the building itself.

All three levels will be connected by an access-for-all elevator. The main level will connect with the existing Mt. Ellen base lodge, providing complete access to the food court and main base lodge level. The Upper Level will connect to the Mt. Ellen third floor bar. The Lower Level will connect to the rental shop, lockers and Ski Patrol. Several accessible parking spots will be available at the main entrance to the facility as well as increased parking in the upper tier parking lot.


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Giving and Naming Opportunities  – Gifts of all sizes are needed for Vermont Adaptive’s new facility, including gifts in-kind of services and materials or building endowment funds. Special recognition is available. If you are interested in naming opportunities in your family’s name, to honor an individual or recognize a corporation.

Please contact Erin Fernandez, Executive Director, at [email protected] or 802.786.4991 ext. 21 for giving and naming and  Jeff Alexander, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development at [email protected] or 802.786.4991 ext. 29 for in-kind donations.

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