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CORE Connections Yoga Class

CORE Connections Wellness in August

July 7, 2017 | Programs: Summer

C.O.R.E. Connections creates a framework for athletes and participants on how to challenge themselves in and out of the program. Participants take part in activities such as biking, kayaking, farm to table cooking and gardening, as well as wellness training like yoga, indoor adaptive fitness classes, and mindfulness training in a group setting that promotes collaboration and teamwork.

NEXT SESSION:  August 14-18, 2017 at Pico Mountain, Killington
Contact: Tom Alcorn, for details

The first day of the program is generally spent working on getting to know each other so the athletes can come together as one group. This is particularly important because in the next few days they are going to be challenged by each other as well as by the activities. What is challenging for one person may be old hat to another, so being able to work as a group and encourage each other is vital to the C.O.R.E. program. Tom Alcorn, senior program coordinator at Vermont Adaptive, said that over the course of one particular week, he saw an athlete who was absolutely terrified of water bond with his peers so much, that by the end of the program he went from being too scared to go to the beach, to being out on a lake canoeing with his friends.

Being able to spark a love and a passion for these types of adventures is the ultimate goal of the program. Alcorn talks about how he hopes that at the end of a week with C.O.R.E., he will see participants motivated enough, and with enough knowledge and independence to get out on their own without Vermont Adaptive, and to want to use that bike in the garage, or to hike that hill in the backyard, instead of spending days indoors. “Ultimately,” Alcorn said, “C.O.R.E. helps to level the playing field for many people who have never had a level playing field.”

We all know how hard it is to change your habits, however, and this program is no different. The biggest challenge at the end of the week is ensuring that the participants and their friends and family feel confident enough to take those experiences and run with them out on their own. If they aren’t there yet, however, Vermont Adaptive’s regular programs are always around!

Click here for more information about the C.O.R.E. Connections program. Thanks to the Bowse Health Trust for supporting this program.


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