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The 3,144′ Summit Society

Our endowment is growing thanks to the foresight of our 3,144′ Summit Society donors. This fund provides a stable, reliable funding source for our programs throughout Vermont.


What Will Your Legacy Be?

Laura Farrell was drawn to Vermont for her love of horses and a passion for outdoor recreation. That love inspired her to create Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports in 1987 at a small ski hill in south-central Vermont. Mt. Ascutney, elevation 3,144’, became the home of the first adaptive skiing program in Vermont that worked with people of all ages and abilities while promoting the beneficial aspects associated with sports and recreation. Over the next 30-plus years, the organization would grow to a nationally-recognized year-round program with multiple locations throughout Vermont.

Today, Vermont Adaptive staff plus 400+ volunteers share their passion for the outdoors on Vermont’s mountains, trails, bike paths, waterways, and more.

To honor the roots of where Vermont Adaptive’s important programs began, the 3,144’ Summit Society recognizes people who have a passion for sports and recreation and believe that this passion is important for every BODY.

By making long-range, planned gifts, individuals who join the 3,144’ Summit Society support Vermont Adaptive by ensuring the vitality and permanence of providing sports and recreation in Vermont to people with disabilities. Participation provides generations to come the opportunity to recreate and enjoy outdoor recreation with family and friends of all abilities. Summit Society members not only play a role in Vermont Adaptive’s future, but also remain a part of its history.

Leaving a Legacy. The Story of Eileen and John Siminger

“I always say you know that an organization is doing well – particularly a volunteer organization—when people come back year after year,” says Eileen Siminger. Eileen and her husband, John, are lovers of outdoor recreation and long time volunteers with Vermont Adaptive. For the past 20 years, this team has volunteered with Vermont Adaptive and transitioned into dedicated trainers for the program.

They first came to the organization with the intention of giving back to the community. With the couple’s love for skiing and Eileen’s career as a special educator, they found volunteering on the ski slopes to be the perfect opportunity. However after some time with Vermont Adaptive and its students, their views changed.

“You get into it thinking that you’re going to give something back, and then you realize that you’re getting so much more personally than you’re giving,” says Eileen.

Through their journey they have watched the organization grow exponentially as well as change the lives of many individuals who never believed they would have the freedom of getting on the slopes again.

Whether their students just want to feel the wind in their face or they have a desire to perfect the sport, the Siminger team is there to guide their students through every aspect of the journey on and off the slopes.

From the Simingers
John and I have been volunteers with Vermont Adaptive for more than 20 years and have always been strong supporters of the mission and values of this program.

We are continually inspired by the commitment and strong sense of purpose and
community that staff, volunteers and participants bring to the program each and every
day. Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by the people we have met and the long standing relationships and friendships that we have formed through our participation in this program.


Through the gift of our time, we have received back so much more than we have ever put out. This is a true gift to us and has encouraged us to give even more whenever and wherever we can.


We initially began volunteering because John and I both have a strong belief in giving back to our community. Though that was our initial motivation, we have found that our participation has enriched our lives in ways that we could have never imagined.


That is why we have decided to include Vermont Adaptive in our estate planning. It’s simple to do. All you need to do is to choose an organization (like Vermont Adaptive) and other organizations that are near and dear to your heart and designate a portion (this could be an exact figure or a percentage) of your estate to those organizations.

Most ordinary people like us don’t usually think that they can leave a legacy. Well, here’s a way that you can. It is an easy way to ensure that the causes that you are passionate about continue to be supported. For us, we find great joy in having an impact and making a difference in whatever ways that we can while we are here.

It is even more exciting and meaningful to know that our planned giving contributions will ensure that we continue to make a difference once we are gone. It’s a very good feeling.

—Eileen & John Siminger


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Please contact Erin Fernandez, Vermont Adaptive’s Executive Director, at 802.353.8129 or to learn more and start a conversation about your planned giving ideas. It is easy to join this growing, most dedicated group of supporters. There are no minimum financial qualifications. Download the agreement today.

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