Volunteer Training

Orientation & Training

All Vermont Adaptive volunteers must complete mandatory orientation and training for their approved sports after their application is complete and approved.


Vermont Adaptive Volunteer Instructor Resource Guide

In addition to our operations manual, which is handed out at orientation, we provide many resources for our volunteer instructors and guides, including a Resource Manual. Feel free to click through the pages below or download a PDF to learn more.


2020-21 Winter Volunteer Orientations

Updated 10/22/2020
Around this time of year you’d be hearing about off-snow volunteer training dates. Due to the pandemic we are not hosting in-person off-snow training in November like we usually do, BUT we will be having training for you. We’re working on a series of teaching modules that will be available in mid-November, and you will have about a month to complete these modules in order to complete this year’s off-snow training. This will be required by all volunteers who wish to join us this winter, as it always has been.

We are working on our winter Return to Play guidelines and plans for the upcoming months as well. Programs tentatively will begin Dec. 26 with major modifications. Our first priority will be to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. State, federal and CDC guidelines, plus individual resort modifications, are being used to create this plan. It will be similar to our Return to Play plan from July when we returned to summer programs. That can be found here if you’d like to check it out: https://www.vermontadaptive.org/return-to-play/

We will be adhering to the state of Vermont’s Cross State Travel map for travel for those coming from out of state, and this will apply to all volunteers, participants and anyone else wanting to be present at our locations. You can view the map here. https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19/restart/cross-state-travel

More details on everything is coming in the next month or so. In the meantime, know that training will happen virtually so be sure to have all of your other requirements in place if you plan on possibly volunteering with us this winter.

New AND Returning Volunteers must still complete their annual application to volunteer. Follow these steps to get that in the works:

  1. Go to https://www.vermontadaptive.org/users/volunteerapp
  2. Log In using your username and password OR create a new account password if you have not done this form before
  3. If you do not remember your password, please email Tom at south@vermontadaptive.org
  4. Edit/Confirm your current information.
  5. Follow Additional Prompts


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Reward Volunteers is a free easy way to record the time you spend volunteering in your local community. When you log time, and elect to share activity via Facebook you become eligible to win prizes like vacations, gift cards, gift baskets, and much more.  The more time logged and the more likes and comments a volunteer receives, the more chances to win one of the major prizes awarded each month.

When you log your time, you may end up helping us!  Each month a cash prize is awarded to a non-profit that has volunteers logging time on their behalf.  We are so thankful for the work of our volunteers and volunteers everywhere.  Make your time count double with cash prize for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports.

The program was developed by the farm families who own Cabot Creamery Co-operative.  Cabot farmers are often the first to volunteer in their local communities and they look to honor the important efforts of volunteers across the country.

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