Volunteer Training

Orientation & Training

All Vermont Adaptive volunteers must complete mandatory orientation and training for their approved sports after their application is complete and approved.


2022-2023 Winter Volunteer Orientations/Training

Updated Nov. 1, 2022


To be a volunteer, you must have:

Completed a *NEW* Volunteer Application since 11/01/21

  1. Go to https://www.vermontadaptive.org/get-involved/
  2. Any issues, contact Tom Alcorn ([email protected])


Completed and passed a Background Check (Vermont Adaptive pays)

  1. Select one of the choices below-
  2. To self-pay and save Vermont Adaptive $30 for this required check, click this link
  3. To have Vermont Adaptive pay for your background check, click this link
  4. Enter your information as requested
  5. Provide Legal Authorization and Certification
  6. Any issues, contact Tom Alcorn ([email protected])


Obtained or maintained “SafeSport Trained” status (VT Adaptive pays)

  1. You can check your current status, do an annual refresher, or take additional training at https://safesporttrained.org/ 
  2. Any issues, contact Tom Alcorn ([email protected])


Completed the following:

  1. “Full” 2022-2023 Winter Online Orientation (You will receive a link to the orientation once the above steps are complete.)


Completed 2 Days (Am/Pm, 5 hrs +/-) of In-Person On-Snow Training:

On-Snow Trainings

On-snow trainings will be held at Bolton Valley, Sugarbush, and Pico Mountain, weather and terrain permitting, on December 10, 11, 17, and 18 this year.

–  Every winter volunteer is required to complete TWO days of on-snow training before starting to earn comp-tickets.  Attending Eastern Division Pro Jam counts as your days!

PSIA/AASI Eastern Division Pro Jam: world class training opportunity at Killington, VT! Learn more: https://psia-e.org/ev/feature-events/masters-academy-snow-pro-jam/. This year Vermont Adaptive will offer sponsorship/scholarship and some housing for qualifying volunteer instructors to attend Pro Jam FOR FREE. Check out the “Colleges” for certification opportunities.  For more details on how to tap in, contact Norm Staunton, Director of Operations ([email protected]) for more information and to apply for scholarship.


In-House PSIA/AASI Clinics

December 17 & 18, Vermont Adaptive will host (3) in-house PSIA/AASI clinics as a part of our fall training program and in support of ongoing professional development and certification of our volunteers. This year’s clinics will include a Snowboard Level 1 Exam Prep (teaching novice area snowboarding/ride 101); an Alpine Level 1 Exam Prep (teaching novice area alpine skiing/ski 101); and an Alpine Level 2 Skiing Exam Prep (personal skiing/technical improvement group). For more details on how to tap in, contact Norm Staunton, Director of Operations ([email protected]) for more information and to apply for scholarship.



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