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Diary of an Intern Vol. 7 – Sarah Maughan

March 30, 2023 | Internships, Programs: Winter, Telling Stories

Hello World! My name is Sarah Maughan and I am a CTRS Intern at Vermont Adaptive. I love everything that has to do with the outdoors including snowboarding, swimming, hiking, walking, horseback riding, kayaking, picnics, rock climbing, and so much more! I am going to school at BYU-Idaho where I am originally from and getting a bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation. I graduate this April and soon hope to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreationalist this coming May/June and hopefully will be starting my own practice someday.

Therapeutic Recreation has changed my life. I am so beyond grateful for the opportunities that I have been available to me through my college career. Vermont Adaptive being one of those amazing opportunities. I am grateful I can be here and intern for this wonderful program. Being an intern doesn’t always just mean showing up, getting the work done, and moving on. That is not what will prepare you for the future and something that won’t put you in the right head place. That kind of mentality can create bad habits and the wrong attitude.

Since being an intern, I have been wanting to expand my knowledge so much more. I have tried to come to work every day to learn something new and learn more about those with different disabilities. I have been taught about patience, love, respect, kindness, and so much more. Something that I look forward to everyday is coming to work and seeing the sweet smiles on the faces of the kids that come. I have expanded my skills in snowboarding and have been taught on how to tether this season. Tethering has been a hard thing to learn on a snowboard, but it has been rewarding. It has pushed me some days more than others, but I am grateful for my supervisor that pushes me to do better every day and not to give up even when it is hard. I am grateful that I can come and learn more about others and myself. I hope to take what I learn and apply it to my future careers. Therapeutic Recreation is amazing and I love how it has changed my life and so many others around me.

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