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Emily Coolidge – Athlete of the Week

March 8, 2023 | Athlete Profile, Internships

By Peyton Hicks


Athlete: Emily Coolidge

Age: 20

Program: Wednesdays at Bolton Valley


All 20 years of her life, Emily has always been a natural born athlete. Last Wednesday, she proved that statement by launching off the largest terrain park jump at Bolton Valley Ski Area. (Check out the video of the jump.)

Only her fifth time on snow as a mono skier, Emily Coolidge ripped down the trail with her twin Maggie and Vermont Adaptive instructor, Betsy Hoffmeister. Both Maggie and Emily are new to skiing (it was Maggie’s second time on skis), and the two sisters are now skiing side-by-side every Wednesday morning. While Emily enjoyed working on her turns and taking risks to improve her skills, Maggie sped ahead to watch her sister traverse down the hill. 

Emily grew up in South Burlington playing every sport under the sun: gymnastics, figure skating, Irish dancing, archery, track, cross country, skiing– you get the point. 

As a member of a competitive swim team at the Edge, Emily hopes to begin competing soon, as she’s been practicing and growing stronger as an athlete. “I love swimming, and I’m hoping to compete in May,” she said smiling. She further explained that she’s been known for pushing herself to the next level and always striving to be stronger in the sports that she participates in. Emily continues to show that through her goals with her competitive swimming, and skiing off jumps, of course. 

When Emily isn’t playing sports, she is homeschooled taking college level classes. Next year, she is looking forward to transferring to a University. Twin sister Maggie said she might end up at Boston University for school, however Emily might have other plans in mind.  ​“I either want to go to Boston or Norway for school next year,” she said. Emily said she is able to get a really good scholarship if she decides to go to Norway. 

For the girl with big dreams and even bigger sends off jumps in the park, Emily’s undeniable determination does not go unnoticed. 


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