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“New Things with a Level of Independence I Thought I Lost”

December 31, 2016 | Athlete Profile, Donate, Telling Stories

So there I was…reeling from the devastating news that I was officially diagnosed with ALS. … Looking for ways to pass the time always ended in what I could not do by myself. Then one day while watching my eldest take a ski lesson at Bolton Valley, I found out about Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, and after 20 years of living in Vermont, I participated in my first ski lesson! It was also my first active outing as an official disabled person. In short order, I soon found myself hanging out with the Vermont Adaptive Vet [veterans] crew on Thursdays. So far I’ve been kayaking, skiing, sailing, and even rode in the Long Trail Century Ride benefiting Vermont Adaptive. Just a few months ago I didn’t even think I’d ever ride a bicycle again! The hardest part of this is relearning and adapting to the weekly changes that I go through safely. Vermont Adaptive has been the helping hand that has allowed me to try and do new things with a level of independence I thought I lost.

– Jason Jones, Vermont Adaptive participant

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