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Thank You Notes are the Best

January 4, 2017 | Athlete Profile, Donate, News, Telling Stories

Ben races on the Vermont Adaptive Race Team and practices at Sugarbush. He connected with Maggie one day and told her how much he wanted a race suit (last year he just missed 1st place at the Special Olympics Winter Games and the first place finisher wore a race suit).

Maggie chatted with Ben’s mom – and the community came together. Here’s how it unfolds: Vermont Adaptive connected with our friends and partners at the Kelly Brush Foundation, asking if they knew of anyone who might have a used race suit. KBF then contacted their friends at Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS), which then turned into a parent from GMVS, who wished to remain anonymous, buying a new race suit for Ben. Maggie then brought the suit to Ben’s mom, who put it under the tree for Christmas.

This year not only is Ben racing with us, he also is alongside his classmates at CVU, and participating in some other able-bodied races this season as well.

Ben, you rock! We hope to see speeds faster than a Boeing 747 and good luck this season from your friends at Vermont Adaptive!


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