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A Note About Our Veterans Programs and Retreats

January 10, 2017 | Athlete Profile, Veterans

Our Executive Director, Erin Fernandez, received this note and we wanted to share:

My name is Retired Staff Sergeant Pemble-Belkin, Misha, C.

I attended the Vermont Adaptive retreat to Killington over this Veterans Day weekend. First thing I would like to recognize is what a wonderful and outstanding job your Vermont Adaptive crew and volunteers did over this weekend. There was such a diverse group of Veterans with many, many different types of disabilities and symptoms, ranging from vets with visual impairments, PTSD, TBI, ALS, joint and pain issues, walking quadriplegics, and many more. Your team handled them all with the utmost respect and honor that many of them rarely receive. This retreat allow vets who sometimes stay away from mainstream society to come around folks that they could trust, relate to and understand. Through the few days you could see a positive change in many of the vets to all of them. Some seemed a little distant at first but as time and events progressed they were able to relax, open up and become one as a group.

I could go on for awhile about how wonderful everything was. I just wanted to make sure your team knows what truly great and wonderful people they are.

Thank you,
Misha Pemble-Belkin

November 2016

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