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Our Programs Are Growing!

August 29, 2022 | News, Staff

Did you know that in the past 10 years, the number of program outings Vermont Adaptive has provided has grown 500%? That’s right, 500%!

But the crazy part is, as a team, we have served so many more people year-round with our existing small but mighty staff. That’s about to change…There is a deep need for the adaptive recreation and adventure programs that Vermont Adaptive provides in our communities, and as that need grows, so do we.







Felicia Fowler, Program Director

Sugarbush and Central Vermont Program Coordinator Felicia Fowler has been promoted to Program Manager. She will oversee all program coordinators and program staff throughout the state and report to Norm Staunton, our director of operations. Felicia is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist and has been with Vermont Adaptive for four years. She holds a Master of Science from the University of New Hampshire and has been integral in Vermont Adaptive programming leadership, including the growth of our adaptive mountain bike program.

With Felicia moving to her new role, we will hire a new program coordinator for Sugarbush and Central Vermont and hope to have that person in place in the next month or two.

Another program coordinator announcement is that we are excited (but selfishly sad) for Molly Tobin, the Bolton Valley and Burlington/Chittenden County program coordinator, who is headed to the University of Vermont to obtain her doctorate in occupational therapy. However she’s not completely leaving us! She will continue as a part-time program coordinator. Congrats on your next move, Molly, but we’re glad you’re sticking around!






Betsy Hoffmeister, Program Coordinator


We are excited to welcome Betsy Hoffmeister as the new program coordinator at Bolton Valley and in Burlington. She will have Molly’s big shoes to fill! Betsy begins with Vermont Adaptive on Monday and will jump in feet first with fall programs in Burlington and prepare for the Winter 2022-2023 season at Bolton Valley. Betsy has an extensive background in recreational programming, mountain biking, and holds certifications in skiing and mountain biking. She most recently was the program coordinator at Essex Parks and Recreation and has been a Vermont Adaptive volunteer. She holds a Master of Arts from American University. Welcome Betsy!









Korey Kubricki, Equipment & Facilities Specialist

Rounding out the changes in programming is the addition of an Equipment and Facilities Specialist. Korey Kubricki has been working at our Pico Mountain office as a development and marketing assistant for the past year, however he has extensive experience with sports equipment including bikes, skis, and more. He will work with Felicia and the program team to maintain and repair our huge fleet of equipment, allowing us to keep everything in-house and in tip-top shape.

What else? That’s a lot! We are so thrilled about the future of Vermont Adaptive – and most importantly the ability to grow and offer more programs anywhere in Vermont to more and more people of all abilities. Stay tuned… there’s always more to come!

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