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Reflections from Intern Molly Tobin

June 30, 2020 | Internships, Programs: Summer, Programs: Winter, Telling Stories

By Molly Tobin, Intern at Vermont Adaptive

I feel beyond privileged to have been able to work with Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports for the last year as an intern. It is hard to put into words how rewarding and fulfilling an experience it has been without sounding too cheesy but I will try my best.

Vermont Adaptive has built a community that thrives off of the relationships built within their programs. It is often hard to tell who is having more fun, the participants, the volunteers, or the staff. That is a huge part of what makes Vermont Adaptive so unique and special, as everyone involved has a mutually beneficial experience. While the activity may be the main focus, making solid turns down the mountain or doing burpees would not be as notable if it weren’t for the shared experience. This atmosphere allows the challenges and obstacles faced to serve as learning moments that allow for future growth and success from all parties. I’m grateful to have seen and experienced this first hand time and time again.
The range of programs Vermont Adaptive offers and the number of people served continues to amaze me. I feel I only got a taste when I compare last summers biking and paddling to the winter ski and ride programs. The energy that people show up with at the mountain is contagious and heartwarming, even on the coldest of days.

I have been most active with the PushBack program since starting as a volunteer for Vermont Adaptive and am thankful I could take on a larger role as an intern. The Pushback community is so unique and powerful and emphasizes how important group support is to conquering all that life throws at us. While my role in class seemed minimal at times, being able to support and encourage the players to continue to push on felt like a privilege to me. The chats, laughs and connections built makes moving on to my next adventures very bittersweet.

My time with Vermont Adaptive helped solidify my future career and life goals — to continue to encourage and educate others through nature and adventure sports, to welcome challenges, and to be a part of a fulfilling community. Vermont Adaptive has been a highlight of my college years and I have countless fond memories and life lessons I will carry with me wherever I land next.

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