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For Veterans – Accipiter Field Craft Course

Date : 11/02/2023 - 11/03/2023

Time: All day

Location: Wild Root Farms in Bristol

Cost: Free to all Veterans

This field session will teach basic methods and mechanisms necessary for wilderness survival whether you find yourself just off the hiking trail or days into the backcountry. Veterans will learn how to build shelter and fire, boil water, tie knots and create helpful tools for working around the camp. Folks are welcome to camp onsite and test their knowledge from the first day’s skillshare.
Veterans are encouraged to bring their own gear to test out but we do have limited extras if your kit is shy a piece of gear.  We will be in the woods all day for two days so please dress appropriately, and bring food and water.  *A recommended gear list will be sent out to those who wish to attend. Please also note that preceding the closing of Thursdays field work, there will be a Go Bag and Emergency Prep class at the farm. Folks who attend are welcome to bring their items/kit for wilderness skills and first aid may do so.
To register, contact Ret. SGG. Misha Pemble-Belkin, Veteran Program Coordinator, at or 802.770.0445.
Workshop Schedule:
Day 1–
Kit Dump & Tool Safety
Crawl, Walk, Run- Fire
       Demo multiple methods for ignition
              Open Flame, Ferro Rod, Tinder Bundle, Charred Material, Birch Scrape
Individual Tasks
       Fire Lay/ Ignition/ Sustainment
Observing Lunch
       Demo rapid ridgeline, tarp configurations
Individual Tasks
       Shelter setup
Water Procurement/ Treatment
Group Challenge
       Shelter/ Water/ Fire
Evening Day 1:
Workshop in Go Bags and Emergency Prep
Day 2–
Tripod Demo
       Small Group Application
Trystick Demo
       Individual Build
Observing Lunch
       Charred Material Demo
Individual Task
       Firebuild/ Char Material
Fork/ Tong Demo
       Individual Build
Spoon Shape/ Coal Burning Demo
       Individual Build
Leader Bio: Jon Turner served with the Marines from 2003-2007 and deployed 3x as an infantryman. Since getting out of the service, he has travelled throughout the country assisting with the veteran reintegration process through food systems education and outdoor recreation. Jon has been volunteering with VT Adaptive since 2018 and currently operates Wild Roots Community Farm in Bristol.  This past year he launched Accipiter Fieldcraft and continues to teach wilderness survival skills with ages K-12 to adult.

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