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Diary of an Intern Vol. 6 – Nate Prego

March 27, 2023 | Internships, Telling Stories

By Nate Prego

Last week, as a Bolton Valley intern with Vermont Adaptive I got to spend my time with a variety of athletes. Before I am able to go out and ski with an athlete, I first gather all of the rentals needed for the day and prepare the Vermont Adaptive space and myself for the athletes’ arrival. The preparatory tasks for each day are generally the same depending on the equipment required but the athletes themselves always bring something new and exciting to the day.

One of the athletes I worked with last week was able to get their ski boots on and walk around for a few minutes. This for them was enough to have a good time. Another athlete I got to work with skied almost all of the mountain throughout the lesson. Differences like these between athletes have allowed me to practice meeting people where they are and working with their needs in order to have fun. Just as speeding through tightly packed trees is not my ideal skiing day but is the dream for others, there is no set way to have fun on the mountain.

Throughout this past week and my entire time with Vermont Adaptive I have learned what it means to make activities accessible. For some, it is physical equipment that enables them to get on the mountain, for others it can be singing a song to get their attention, or even just holding their hand as they get on the lift. I am excited to hang out with and have fun with more athletes next week!

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