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Be an Intern at Vermont Adaptive

October 20, 2020 | Internships, Telling Stories

My name is Alexander Lowry and I am a senior at the University of Vermont studying Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. I am originally from Framingham, Massachusetts, a suburban town just outside of Boston. I had the pleasure of interning with Vermont Adaptive for the first time this past summer.

While COVID-19 presented some unique challenges, I was impressed by how our team of staff and interns addressed these challenges to prioritize safety but still have fun along the way. As an intern I was involved with many aspects of the daily operation. This included discussing the unique needs of our participants, collaborating on the most effective program strategies, adapting and adjusting equipment, joining our athletes for activities, tracking their progress and goals, and much more.

Something I learned from this experience is no matter what barriers or challenges may exist, whether it be COVID-19, disability, etc., there will always be a way to adapt and work around those challenges. Sometimes those challenges cannot be faced alone, and that is where the connection between athlete and instructor and the support system as a whole is crucial.

One of my favorite moments from this experience was when I got to go on bike rides with our athletes. Whether it was sweltering hot or cloudy and chilly, they always showed up excited to get out and ride. Witnessing that confidence and joy was infectious, and time and again reaffirmed my appreciation for this program.

As I approach the end of my undergraduate experience, this internship has had a substantial influence on what I want to pursue for my career. I plan to attend graduate school for physical therapy one day, but I am fascinated by the intersection of recreation and therapy that predominates in adaptive recreation. This is a field I want to pursue further, and I could see myself doing professionally one day.  

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