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NEW Virtual Vermont Adaptive Charity Ride

March 25, 2020 | News, Programs: Summer, Special Events/Fundraisers


The 2020 Vermont Adaptive Virtual Charity Ride begins today!

Spring is here and with it comes biking weather! And here at Vermont Adaptive, well, we’re used to being adaptable so we’re adapting!

Welcome to the NEW Vermont Adaptive Charity Ride VIRTUAL EVENT for 2020! While physically hosting the 10th anniversary of the Vermont Adaptive Charity Ride at Long Trail Brewing is uncertain, we are determined to celebrate this event one way or another – either live on Saturday, June 20 – or with the best virtual ride and party possible.

We’ve created a long-term fundraising virtual ride that complements our traditional event, to raise that critical $300,000 for our programs and athletes. We still must raise these funds, and we’re hoping you’ll play along at home with us!

How It Works –

  1. Sign Up for the 10th Annual Vermont Adaptive Charity Ride as a virtual participant.
  2. Join the Free Vermont Adaptive Strava Club and create your individual profile for the virtual ride. 
    1. Use a different App to track your fitness? That’s fine – track your journey however you want but we would love to see proof of your accomplishment!
  3. Then:
    1. Set your fundraising and riding goals.
    2. Ride a stationary bike, ride around town, hit the dirt, walk, stroll, roll, hike, hop on your Peleton or trainers and log your miles using your Strava Club account or your App.
    3. Capture yourself (selfie time!) of you, inside, outside or wherever, and send a pic to with your story of why you’re riding virtually for Vermont Adaptive.
    4. Share your journey on Social Media and make sure to tag Vermont Adaptive.
      Facebook: @vtadaptive // Instagram: @vermontadaptive // Twitter: @vtadaptive
      #sportsforeverybody   #vtadaptive.  #VACR2020
    5. Create a team and get your community involved virtually (social distancing please!) in healthy activities.
    6. Be on the lookout for weekly prize contests from the Vermont Adaptive Virtual Charity Ride Sponsors
      1. Contests will change weekly and include:
        1. Participant raffles
        2. Top weekly fundraiser
        3. Most miles recorded in a week
        4. Social tagging/sharing raffles

Our hope is to keep you active and healthy through these next few months and have some virtual fun doing it with our new community!

The Virtual Event will conclude on June 20, 2020 either virtually or at Long Trail Brewery.

Be on the lookout for details of our Virtual Silent Auction coming soon!

The fun starts today –  let’s get moving together. Join our virtual training group and start logging your miles (and fundraising!) before June 20th. 

Stay connected. Stay active. Help us celebrate our biggest event yet!

On Saturday, June 20, join us at Long Trail Brewery or virtually from anywhere in the country! 

Registration, pricing, information, and more can be found at

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