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Winter 2021-2022 “Respect the Play” COVID-19 Plan

November 17, 2021 | News, Programs: Winter

As we prepare for the winter season and the return of close-contact lessons, Vermont Adaptive is asking each and every one of our community members – athletes, companions, volunteers, interns, and staff – to agree to RESPECT THE PLAY. By following these simple  practices, we can make Vermont Adaptive winter programs possible and allow for fair and safe access to outdoor play for EveryBODY.

We believe that everyone has the right and the need to have opportunities to play. When each of us agrees to these simple practices, it allows for everyone to make their own, personal decision about the level of risk they are comfortable with while playing at Vermont Adaptive this winter. When everyone RESPECTS THE PLAY, everyone gets fair access to play.

Thank you for adhering to these Winter 2021-2022 RESPECT THE PLAY practices:

  1. ALL Vermont Adaptive Participants (athletes, companions, volunteers, interns, and staff), age 5 and older, will be fully vaccinated.
  2. We will ALL wear masks at ALL times indoors.
  3. We will ALL wear masks outside anytime we are within 10 Feet of someone from another household.
  4. We will ALL complete a daily health check and stay home if we are sick or we can’t pass the health check.

These practices may change and Vermont Adaptive reserves the right to make updates as Federal, local, and industry guidance change. We anticipate some version of this to be in place for the entire winter.

Details of how we will RESPECT THE PLAY will be covered in future trainings and in reservation confirmation emails.

If you have questions about these RESPECT THE PLAY practices, or you are concerned that you may not be able to meet them, please speak with the Program Coordinator at your location. We hope you will all choose to follow the RESPECT THE PLAY practices and come play this winter.

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